Theme 1: Risk Assessment

By developing and applying improved methodologies, research in the Risk Assessment theme seeks to identify border biosecurity hazards, assess the associated risks and determine optimal mitigation solutions.

Current priorities for this B3 theme include the development of:

  • New knowledge and methodologies that may be used to enhance biosecurity risk analysis; and
  • Improved methodologies for predicting the impacts of organisms that have either been recently detected in New Zealand or are being considered for intentional introduction as biocontrol agents.

Current research in this theme includes:

  • Systems approach to risk assessment;
  • Identification of optimal points of intervention;
  • Definition of high risk groups;
  • Pre-border risk identification and assessment;
  • Improved host range determination of new introductions; 
  • Prediction of the impact of new organism introductions;
  • Prediction of invasiveness into New Zealand natural ecosystems;
  • Provision of resource information.