Theme 3: Diagnostics

The ability to rapidly and accurately identify organisms present in a biosecurity sample is critical to an effective biosecurity system. The Diagnostics theme aims to develop and implement fast, cost-effective, generically applicable, reliable and accurate diagnostic methods and tools.

Current priorities for this B3 theme include:

  • Development of new diagnostic technologies; and
  • Adaptation of technologies that have been advanced in different disciplines so that they can be used for diagnostic applications.

Current research in this theme includes:

  • Applications of bar-coding in biosecurity;
  • Assessment of sequence-based technology for identification of important biosecurity threats and for diagnosis in multi-taxa formats;
  • Linking taxonomic identification to pathogenicity;
  • Using combined trace element, isotope and DNA analysis to infer natal origins of exotic threat populations; and 
  • Scanning for and assessing the potential of new and emerging technologies.